What is a 6-month brace and how does it work?

29 Aug 2019

What is a 6-month brace and how does it work?

How does that work: straighten teeth in a short time

Nowadays there is a lot of advertising for a 6-month brace. The teeth are straightened in a short time, about 6 months. That sounds amazing of course. But how does this work? Is this a new kind of miracle brace?

The speed at which teeth move depends on developments that take place in the bone and the periodontal ligament (a thin layer around the root of a tooth). There is no miracle brace that can actually speed up this process. For a 6-month brace, a normal metal brace is usually used.

Normally an orthodontic treatment lasts an average of 2 years. Why is it also possible in 6 months?

The difference is in the end result. With a 6-month brace, only the front 6 front teeth are placed in a row. Other problems such as an overbite or molars that do not fit well together cannot be resolved.

Is the 6-month bracket possible for me?

All teeth are different. From some people the molars are already positioned well, there is no question of an over bite, but only the front teeth are slightly misaligned. The 6-month brace can be a good solution for this. But if there is a deep bite or a large overbite, it is better to correct it for the function and stability of the teeth. The 6-month brace is not a good solution for this.

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