tanden van de baby

12 oktober 2019

tanden van de baby

The mouth consists of teeth and molars. Baby teeth have 20 teeth and molars and the permanent teeth 32. The 32 teeth and molars are including the four wisdom teeth. Without these four wisdom teeth, an adult person has 28 teeth and molars. The teeth have a lot of functions, but the most important ones are: processing food, chewing, talking and the cosmetic interest.

The formation of the baby teeth begins during the 6th week of pregnancy. The development of a tooth starts with the glaze of the cutting edge. The tooth will then be built up further towards the root. After birth, all the baby teeth are selected and present in the gum of the jaw bone. The first tooth breaks through on average between the 5th and 8th month.

When the first teeth will come through, the child will put fingers and other things in the mouth to chew on them. When a tooth comes through, the enamel is not hard enough. This makes the glaze vulnerable and can easily dissolve under the influence of acids. This increases the chance of tooth decay. This makes it important to start as early as possible with obtaining information about the oral health of the child.

Healthy baby teeth are the basis for healthy permanent teeth. If a child loses the baby teeth prematurely, space problems and obliquity may occur in the permanent teeth. Bad habits, such as not brushing your teeth well enough, wrong eating habits and prolonged feeding bottles can result in bad baby teeth being developed. Infections and inflammations of the baby teeth cannot yet damage broken teeth.

Het veranderen van de melktanden

The loosening of front teeth and the passage of the first permanent molars begins during the 5th-6th year of life. Most children don’t experience when the permanent molars are getting through. Those incoming molars are vulnerable to the development of caries.

Lasting teeth and molars have their permanent shape and size in that period. They often appear crooked in the jaw. In most cases, the tilt will automatically resolve when the jaws start to grow. Sometimes the permanent teeth just behind the baby teeth come through and create a double row of teeth which can cause problems. This automatically resolves itself.

Baby teeth come loose and fall out automatically. Sometimes it happens that the baby teeth do not fall out and the dentist needs to extract the teeth. There are 8 big molars and 4 wisdom teeth. Changing teeth is usually complete at 13-14 years of age. Wisdom dialing sometimes does not happen.

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