Dental Implants or Bridges

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01 Oct 2019

Dental Implants or Bridges

A dental implant is a tooth-root replacement put in your jawbone to replace a missing tooth. This automatically requires a crown. Once the implant is set, a dental crown is fitted to it. This looks like the rest of your teeth. Similar, but different, is a dental bridge. This covers the gap of a missing tooth, but nothing is connected to your jaw. Crowns are put on the teeth on either side of the missing one. They form a bridge that holds an artificial tooth.


Dental crowns are likely to continue being common practice because of the variety of situations where they are useful. It’s an easy way to protect vulnerable teeth and prevent having to painfully extract them. Plus, they look nice. This isn’t an exhaustive list of reasons you may need a dental crown -it’s just the beginning. If your teeth are weak for any reason, talk to a dentist to see if dental crowns are a good option for you. Our teeth do a lot for us. It’s nice to return the favor and treat them like royalty with a crown.


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