Antalya Tooth Extraction

Antalya Tooth Extraction

Uncali Dental Clinic offers tooth extraction procedures, including surgical, wisdom, root and tooth extractions, at a very low cost with a very high-quality, painless treatment options.


Pain / Worry-free Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction would be necessary if a tooth got too much damage or infected due to physical trauma or cavities. Also, in some cases, it is advising to extract the teeth -even if they are healthy- in advance to avoid complications later on.

It is common that in young adult ages, wisdom teeth can be removed in order to prevent the infections and having cavities later in the future.

Most of teeth extractions are simple procedures however, in some cases, surgical tooth extraction is a necessity, particularly in cases where a tooth is embedded in the gum. Still, teeth extraction being common and simple, most of us be afraid of the procedure nonetheless.

Uncali Dental Clinic offers anxiety-free tooth extraction procedures for both children and adults. Our supportive dentists will help you to be calm before the extraction and will numb your tooth area completely to not feel anything.

Conditions We Commonly Treat with Tooth Extraction

You may be upset that you will lose your tooth but it may be considered a salvage treatment.

For example;

  • Extracting the Infected Teeth: Infected teeth, can cause typically by cavities, lead to unbearably painful toothaches. Sometimes the decay descends to the interior of the teeth, by which time it can be easily managed with a root canal procedure. However, in some cases, root canal treatment or antibiotic prescriptions won't be enough to fix the issue. In this situation, dentists will recommend removing the infected tooth to prevent further damage.
  • Misaligned Teeth/Crowded Teeth: Some teeth are misaligned and too big for the mouth. These teeth must be pulled to make enough space in your mouth for the other teeth.

What to Expect at the Clinic

The procedure can be applied in one single appointment. It usually takes about 15 to 45 minutes. Before the extraction, the dentist will use a local anaesthetic, which you will not feel any pain.

Surgical tooth extraction can also be performed in one day. You may feel a lit bit pain in a few days -which you can have painkillers in that time- but it will be over when the healing process will be completed.

At Uncalı Dental Clinic, surgical teeth extractions -also all the other surgical treatments- are performing by our expert surgeon Dt. Betul.