Antalya Alveoloplasty

Antalya Alveoloplasty


What is Alveoplasty?

It is a surgical treatment which reshapes and straighten the area of the jaw where the tooth/teeth had extracted or missed already.

"Alveolus" is the name of the part of the jawbone which is houses the teeth and "plasty" means moulding. So, Alveoplasty is a treatment of moulding or reshaping the jaw.

Tooth Extraction and the Jawbone

Why would someone need this procedure?

When a tooth is extracted, the area will heal in a few weeks. However, once the healing process will be completed, the area may not be ready for a tooth replacement, such as a dental crown, bridge or implant.

The healed area is called an edentulous ridge, and it may be uneven or bumpy, which will not allow for a nice fit of the replacement new tooth or teeth.

Smoothing out the jawbone prepares the mouth for the successful placement of the new, artificial tooth. That's why, in some cases, Alveoplasty should be done before the new artificial teeth.

Is having alveoloplasty painful?

No, there’s nothing exceptionally painful about having this procedure performed. But clearly, it is a surgical procedure and like the other surgical procedures that involve handling or trimming bone tissue to any extent can’t be considered insignificant.